We’ve gotten them right. Many times. 


Whether you’re hoping to transition to retirement and want to leave your clients in capable hands or you’re interested in joining a dynamic, growing team, we know how to make that happen for you.

For the largest financial transaction of your life, you deserve to work with an exceptionally experienced and qualified team. We have developed a process that works for the advisors we have partnered with, and the clients they have entrusted to us. 

We have successfully completed more than 10 business acquisition transactions over the past several years in seven locations across Canada. We’ve made deals that range from two to nine years, and agreements that involved joining our team as an advisor or partner. These deals have worked for everyone involved. 

The Bottom Line

Your book is a big part of your financial plan so we know the payout has to make sense. You’ve built a business and we respect that. We work with advisors to find ways to solve problems like the ones presented by COVID-19. Postponing until the market recovers isn’t necessary. We know how to make this work for you, on your schedule.

Your Legacy

Your reputation was hard earned, and we will continue to respect and protect that throughout our relationship with your clients. Whether you choose to work with us, are interested in a long-term transition to retirement, or are developing a shorter exit strategy, we want to protect the client relationship and make the transition easy for everyone.

The industry has been changing around you, and through it all, you’ve worked hard to build a business you’re proud of. You might be wondering if it’s worth it to make a move or if now is the right time. Or maybe you don’t think you’re in a financial position to make any decision right now. We know how to make a deal that works.

DIVERSITY We have built our business with a broad mix of clients.  We are also insurance licensed and we provide mortgage solutions, tax planning, and we complete tax returns for our clients through other Verecan Group companies.

CAPACITY We have offices across Canada allowing us to provide local support for our clients while bringing a national perspective and capacity. Our business model is scalable, allowing us to take on additional clients without any loss of service.

STRUCTURE You can be confident in the success of your book whether you are joining us or including us in your business succession plan. We understand that your own retirement goals may rely on it but also, importantly, you worked hard to build something of value. We have the processes, team and backing to make sure you get maximum return from your book.

Talk to anyone on the team for more information on our commitment to doing the right thing in the best possible way.