Matt Kempton, MBA, CFA

A graduate of Saint Mary’s University with a Master’s in Business Administration, Matthew Kempton solidified his commitment to the financial services industry by going on to achieve a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. With nearly 15 years of experience in the financial sector, Matt has dedicated more than 11 years to the intricacies of wealth management. His passion lies in providing individuals and families with tailored financial guidance to help them achieve their unique goals. 

Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt is an active member of the Dartmouth Rotary Club and serves as a board member at the Greater Burnside Business Association. These roles reflect his dedication to community engagement and his contribution to local growth and development. 

In their precious spare time, Matt enjoys embarking on adventures with his wife, Michele, and their young son, Dean. These family explorations not only create lasting memories but also underscore the importance of balancing life and finances. 

Matt’s commitment to education, wealth of experience in financial services, and active role in his community underscore his drive to foster growth and help others achieve financial success.